Yearly Archives: 2018

NOV 2018: Debut Album Out Now

My debut album is finally here.........

So proud to finally get this released. I have been playing these, and earlier versions of these in my sets over the last couple of years to slowly brew them to where they are now. An album that has so many influences, from mid nineties hardcore & techno, to the sandpits and quarries in the early morning at Exodus & Brains Kan. This album is a fusion of those feelings and experiences. At times very euphoric, but always underpinned with a hard edge. Music made for the free party mosh, or as we know it "The Stack"

JULY 2018: New Studio Floating Floor

The floating floors for my new studios have been completed

After months of preparation, the new floating floors have been completed at my new studios. The project is already months in, and is seeing the conversion of an old wet room in a factory into a professionally designed, sound proofed & air conditioned multi-studio.

The space will comprise:

  • Studio 1 with its own vocal booth
  • Studio 2 (with use of Studio 3 as a live room)
  • Studio 3 (As a DJ booth, Podcast Facility & Live Room)
  • Office
  • Reception (With a World Class Loricraft Record Cleaning Machine)
  • Store Room
  • If you are interested in using the studios services get in touch!

    MAY 2018: Test Pressings Approved

    The test pressings of Sound Entity Recordings SENT016 have been approved.

    Available exclusively at This release is a collaboration between myself and Ron Wells PKA Jack Smooth, in which I remix his track, and he remixes my track "This is Jungle Techno".

    An authentic slab of heavyweight Jungle Techno.