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My debut album, Revival.

1. Ruffneck Revival ft.Reds
2. You Can Feel It
3. Unison
4. Mind Games
5. Electric Boom
6. We Are i
7. Human Potential
8. Tribal Harmony
9. Dreamer
10. It Wont Stop
11. Restless Raver ft.Reds
12. Raize The Vibration
13. Warrior March

In addition to receiving the Album download files in a zip folder in your download section, all purchasers will also have full length single wav & mp3 files added to their accounts for download.

This is because a few of the album tracks have been edited down for a better listening experience. So the full length versions for DJ mixing will be applied to your download section.

These tracks are not all currently available to purchase as singles. Buying the Album enables access to these tracks in advance of their single releases that are due to be staggered throughout next year 2019.


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